Dragon Ball Manga Vol.10 Chapter 119: The Full Moon Grudge Colored     6443713-1560-2400-2416706443720-1560-2400-3903186443721-1560-2400-2765786443723-1560-2400-3923586443724-1560-2400-3264126443725-1560-2400-3980146443726-1560-2400-4136746443727-1560-2400-2936566443728-1560-2400-3041886443722-1560-2400-2997886443714-1560-2400-3232746443715-1560-2400-3015026443716-1560-2400-3166426443717-1560-2400-2387366443718-1560-2400-302342


The announcer explains that Chun won the tournament last time and that Man-Wolf transforms from wolf to human when he looks at the full moon. Jackie wonders why the guy he's never met before is so furious with him, and Man-Wolf explains that Chun blew up the moon at the last Tenka'ichi Budōkai. So he's stuck as a wolf and can't hook up with any cute human girls. Jackie says he could find a wolf girlfriend, but Man-Wolf says he hates hairy women. "Then please start the second match!!" Man-Wolf swings at Jackie, but Jackie ducks, jumps over the other, and then kicks him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground. Man-Wolf is enraged and Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu look on, with Tenshinhan not particularly impressed with the previous winner. Kuririn shows Goku that the two (Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu) are floating and Goku is amazed. Man-Wolf runs at Jackie (who is looking at the girl) from behind, but Jackie rolls over him, kicks him in the back of the head again, and goes back to the girl. Man-Wolf gets up and starts punching him, but Jackie still dodges, then kicks Man-Wolf into the wall and calls the count. The count reaches seven as Man-Wolf stands up and pulls out a knife. The announcer says using guns is rough play. Man-Wolf pokes Jackie, but he dodges. He grabs the knife and raises it, knocking Man-Wolf off it and into a wall. Jackie throws the knife into the wall, right next to Man-Wolf. Jackie says she'll turn him into a human, and Man-Wolf doesn't believe him. Jackie asks for his paw and Man-Wolf gives it to him, but takes it from him, yelling that he's not a dog. Jackie then asks him to beg and he does, but again reacts angrily. Then Jackie pulls out a bone and throws her out of the ring and Man-Wolf runs to get her. "Ring the bell!! It's Jackie's win!!" Man-Wolf, still furious with Jackie, runs back in the ring, but Jackie uses a Kanashibari no Jutsu (binding technique) to freeze him in place. Kuririn is thinking about turning him into a moonless human when Jackie calls out to him. Jackie places Kuririn facing backwards in front of Man-Wolf, and Kuririn realizes that he will use his head as a replacement for the full moon, and mentions that Goku could transform as well. But Jackie uses hypnosis on Man-Wolf, which makes Kuririn's head look like a full moon to him, turning him back into a human. Man-Wolf is so happy. He thanks Jackie and then runs off to become a skirt hunter. Jackie thinks he'd be better off as a wolf (because he's so ugly). "Alright, let's start the third match! It's Chiaotzu versus Kuririn with a full moon head!" Kuririn is not too happy about this designation.