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Red Ribbon Revival:

The chapter opens with Carmine and Soldier #15 mourning Magenta's death. Despite lacking resources, Carmine devises a revenge plan fueled by his hatred for Gohan and Goku.
He discovers a secret Red Ribbon laboratory containing an army of modified humans and androids (including Gamma 1 and 2). He plans to reactivate them and harness their power.
Vegeta and Broly:

Meanwhile, Vegeta continues his training on Beer's planet. Bored and eager for a challenge, he encounters Broly, who is struggling to control his rage.
Realizing Broly's potential, Vegeta agrees to play with him. Their intense battle helps Broly control his rage while greatly improving his fighting skills.
News of Broly's progress reaches Goku, who is eager to return to Earth and witness Broly's newfound power.

Gohan's Beast Unleashed:

Unaware of Carmine's true intentions, Gohan approaches Goten and Trunks (as their Saiyaman alter egos), whom Carmine recruits under false pretenses.
Believing that Pan is in danger, Carmine sends Goten and Trunks to lure Gohan into a trap. This triggers Gohan's transformation into his "Beast" form, showing off his immense strength and ferocity.
Witnessing this display, Beerus arrives and teasingly remarks that Gohan barely remembers, adding to the tension and raising questions about their future interactions.

Chapter Conclusion:

Shocked by Gohan's strength, Carmine steps back and vows to get stronger.
Sensing Gohan's transformation, Goku expresses his excitement to return to Earth and see his son's newfound power.
The chapter ends with Gohan standing tall in his Beast form, leaving the reader wondering about the upcoming conflict with Carmine and the potential for further developments with Broly and Goku.
Additional notes:

This chapter establishes the remaining threat of Red Ribbon as the main antagonist for the foreseeable future.
Gohan's newfound power and its consequences are the focal point, making readers want to see him use it.
The interaction between Beerus and Gohan adds intrigue and potential conflict.
The chapter sets the stage for exciting battles and character development in subsequent chapters.