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Chapter 100 of the Dragon Ball Super manga marks the grand finale of the "Super Hero" saga, tying up the loose ends of the animated film of the same name. Here's a quick overview of the key events:

Cell Max Crumbles: The chapter opens with an epic clash between Gohan Beast and the monstrous Cell Max. Gohan unleashes his ultimate attack "Deathlight", a powerful variation of Piccolo's special beam cannon, finally wiping out Android Red Ribbon once and for all.

Piccolo's Power Up: Orange Piccolo glows again and proves his newfound power by holding Cell Max in place while Gohan attacks. This teamwork emphasizes the importance of cooperation and Piccolo's key role in victory.

Pan Takes Off: In the midst of battle, the young Pan witnesses Piccolo's bravery and, inspired by his orange form, manages to fly for the first time. This heartwarming moment signifies the budding superpower and Pan's potential as a future Z-Fighter.

New allies join the ranks: Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo, initially antagonists, redeems himself by helping in the final battle against Cell Max. Impressed by their change of heart, Bulma welcomes them into the Capsule Corporation, adding valuable allies and technological knowledge to the Z-Fighters.

Goku and Vegeta Spar: The chapter closes with a hilarious scene where Goku and Vegeta spar on Beer's planet. The fight ends with Vegeta winning, showing off his continued growth and maintaining a friendly rivalry.

End of an Era, a New Beginning: Chapter 100 concludes the "Super Hero" saga, but also opens the door for future storytelling. Gohan and Piccolo's newfound power along with new allies such as Gamma 1 and Dr. Hedo, they hint at exciting possibilities for the next arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

Please note that this is only a brief summary. If you're interested in specific details or want to delve deeper into the emotions and nuances of the chapter, I encourage you to read it yourself!