Dragon Ball Manga Chapter Vol.10 Chapter 121: Kuririn's Master Plan Colored     6443730-1560-2400-2780346443738-1560-2400-3585786443739-1560-2400-2843266443740-1560-2400-3908946443741-1588-2426-3303926443742-1560-2400-2908886443743-1560-2400-3457426443744-1560-2400-2867066443745-1560-2400-4689486443731-1560-2400-3845066443732-1560-2400-2942486443733-1560-2400-2488166443734-1560-2400-3070486443735-1560-2400-2860406443736-1560-2370-346320


The announcer says that Kuririn is a student of Kame-Sen'nin and Chiaotzu is a student of his rival Tsuru-Sen'nin. "Then please begin!!" Kuririn takes a fighting stance, but Chiaotzu stands motionless with no expression on his face. Kuririn wonders what's going on and then Chiaotzu slides forward and kicks Kuririn in the air. Chiaotzu flies up and swings at him, but Kuririn flips back to the ground, then kicks off the ground and swings back at Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu dodges and Kuririn flies over him before Chiaotzu crashes to the ground. Kuririn descends again and kicks off the ring, pounces on Chiaotzuo, then Kuririn disappears. Tenshinhan shouts to watch out to the left, but Chiaotzu has to wonder which one it is. Before he can figure it out, Kuririn reappears and punches him in the face. Kuririn lands some good hits and Chiaotzu flies backwards and up into the air. Jackie recognizes that it is a typical Tsuru-sen style technique, Bukūjutsu. Tenshinhan is impressed by the knowledge of kisama (a very offensive "you" in Japanese) and Goku says don't say kisama, but "Gramps". Kuririn wonders what to do and Chiaotzu tells him that he will surprise him with this attack. Chiaotzu raises one finger and it catches fire, then fires a Dodonpa at Kuririn. Kuririn jumps out of the way and Chiaotzu blasts another bunch, which also narrowly avoids Kuririn. Goku recognizes this as the Tao Pai-pai technique and Tenshinhan questions Goku about it. Goku says that he defeated Tao Pai-pai, and after some doubt, Tenshinhan thinks of Tao Pai-pai and leaves. Jackie asks if he really took Tao Pai-pai, and Goku assures him that he did. Then Jackie tells him that Tao Pai-pai is Tsuru-Sen'nin's little brother. Kuririn keeps jumping out of the way of the multiple Dodonpo that Chiaotzu keeps shooting at him, and is annoyed that Chiaotzu doesn't use his arms and legs. Meanwhile, Tenshinhan makes his way through the crowd to Tsuru-Sen'nin, saying he has something to tell him. Kuririn thinks about using Kamehameha, but remembers what happened to Yamche. He prepares to use it, but then another Dodonpa gets in his way. Tsuru-Sen'nin is shocked by what Tenshinhan just told him and yells at Chiaotzu to take the guy out. So Chiaotzu prepares to unleash a really powerful Dodonpo on Kuririn. But then Kuririn calls out "Ka…me…ha…" and Jackie can't believe that she can also use Kamehameha.