Dragon Ball Manga Vol.3 Chapter 32: Let the Contest Begin!! Colored     dragon-balldragon-ball-2dragon-ball-2dragon-ball-4dragon-ball-5dragon-ball-6dragon-ball-7dragon-ball-8dragon-ball-9dragon-ball-11dragon-ball-12dragon-ball-13dragon-ball-14dragon-ball-15


The chapter begins with the boys delivering milk around the island; however, this time they have turtle shells on their backs, making the training more challenging. As the months passed, their training became much easier as they were able to complete tasks in record time. A month before the World Martial Arts Tournament, the boys showed Master Roshi that they could now move a giant stone, much to the turtle hermit's shock. Roshi then explains that the boys aren't going into the tournament to win, but to show off the training they've gained over the past seven months. He then gives them forty pounds of grenades, doubling the weight they have to carry. As the last month passes, the boys and Roshi prepare to board South City. After removing the turtle's shell, the hermit asks the two youths to jump as high as they can, which is at least two floors. Now more excited than ever, Goku and Krillin dress up in Roshi's suits and board a plane to the city. After taking a taxi to the tournament grounds, the three martial artists finally arrive at their destination: the World Martial Arts Tournament.