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It's a full moon outside and Gohan is sleeping on top of a mountain. Piccolo also sleeps while sitting cross-legged and floating in the air. Gohan then wakes up to pee, worried about how he's going to get out of there in the end. Then he wonders why the night is so clear and turns to look at the moon. This is the first time he's seen a full one. And then he gets a look in the eyes like Goku and starts to transform... Ozaru Gohan is too big to stand on top of the mountain so he falls to the ground.Piccolo freaks out as Gohan starts smashing everything around him and shoots a huge mouth into the distance. He thinks that Earth will be destroyed before the Saiyans even get here, and then he remembers what Raditz told Goku about the full moon's transformations, so he decides to take out the moon. Gohan then returns to normal and falls asleep naked on the ground. Piccolo begins to wonder about the power of these Saiyans and then realizes that tails are also needed for transformation.So Piccolo pulls off his tail and then decides to make Gohan a sword and clothes like his father. Well, with ma ("Demon") kanji instead of kame ("Turtle"). In six months, he will receive special hellish training from Piccolo. Makes him one of the demon tribe. He then flies off, leaving Gohan to sleep peacefully while Goku also sleeps peacefully on the Snake Path.