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Chi-Chi and Gyūmaō speed over the ocean in an air car, on their way to Kame House. Chi-Chi is upset that Gohan is out all night and won't finish his studies, while Gyūmaō tries to calm her down. At the Kame House, Bulma is in a bathrobe and appears to have been working with Raditz's eye device all night. And now it finally beeped for her. But Kame-Sen'nin, Umigame, and Kuririn are all out, so she fires her machine gun to wake them up. First, she tells Kame-Sen'nin to stand up and gets a value of 139 for him. Bulma says that she has revealed the number representing Muten Rōshi's power.

Kuririn wants to turn right away, so Bulma tells him that he has a combat power of 206! Kuririn is excited to have passed the Muten Rōshi, and the Kame-Sen'nin thinks it must be broken. He can find all the powerful powers of the world with it, and then suddenly he finds 250 about three thousand kilometers away. Kuririn thinks it must be Tenshinhan and then Bulma gets a 177 in another direction. Kame-Sen'nin says it's Yamcha. And then he gets 329, which Kame-Sen'nin says is Piccolo. And Bulma notes that Gohan is with him. Kuririn asks if they should go help him, but Kame-Sen'nin says no; they probably couldn't help anyway.

Bulma says they can still use it to get Yamcha and the others to help collect the dragon balls and bring Goku back to life in no time. But then Yajirobe appears at their door and starts yelling, "Hey!!" Kuririn goes to see who is doing all this and recognizes him as the guy from Karin's house and calls him Armadillo. "It's Yajirobe you moron!!"

Yajirobe has a message from Karin. "He said for you, Yamcha, Ten-whatever and Chiaotzu to all come immediately!" Kuririn asks why everyone has to go to Karin Tower, and Yajirobe explains that everyone will have training from God, even him. Kuririn is stunned and Yajirobe says that he doesn't really want to fight the powerful aliens, but he has no choice. Yajirobe prepares to leave, but then remembers to tell them not to wish Goku back to life. Uranai Baba said he was training in the afterlife. They speed up and everyone wonders what he just told them.

He sees another plane coming, but this one is different. The Kame-Sen'nin freak out when they notice it's Chi-Chi. Gyūmaō bows to Muten Rōshi and Chi-Chi demands to know where Goku and Gohan are. "Uh…the truth is…" Sometimes it passes, and then Chi-Chi freaks out when she hears that Gohan took the Piccolo Daimaō. Gyūmaō questions why Goku didn't do anything, and Kame-Sen'nin says he's dead. Chi-Chi then passes out.

“Six months soon passed, and Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, Kuririn, and Yajirobe underwent rigorous training from God every day. And even after six months now, Son Goku is still running to Kai's house. Will it ever arrive? And son Gohan... grew stronger and was able to survive." That dinosaur from before appears and Gohan is able to run away with no problem. He jumps out of the way and the dinosaur crashes into a mountain. The end of the dinosaur's tail is missing and then Gohan cuts off another small slice to have some meat. He then blasts a log to set it on fire and sears the meat on it with his sword. Piccolo seems impressed with his progress as he watches from afar.