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Gohan flies at Piccolo with a kick, but Piccolo just holds him back with his hand. Gohan then lunges at him with a punch, but Piccolo moves out of the way and then kicks Gohan from behind. Gohan says he couldn't see him and Piccolo says don't look for him but sense him. Gohan says that's easier said than done as he brushes himself off, so Piccolo fires a couple of eye lasers at him and yells at him that they only have six months. “Besides eating and sleeping, it's time to fight me! Come on.” Gohan thinks he's going to die, so Piccolo tells him if that's the case, be stronger than him and the Saiyans. Piccolo then strikes at Gohan and tells him to defend himself better by focusing his ki.Meanwhile, Goku continues towards Kaiō's place. It's been six months now and he's really exhausted and thinks this has to go on forever. Then he finds the tail of the snake! But there's nothing here... But then he sees a small planet in the air and realizes that Kaiō must be there. He jumps into the air to get a better look and sees a small house on the planet, so it must be there. But then he is pulled directly to the surface of the planet. Goku thinks about the earth here and thinks that his body is like lead.Goku then spots a small monkey and thinks it must be Kaiō. He greets him and asks for training, so the monkey starts dancing with his hands in the air and "oohoohooh". Goku thinks that these strange movements must be training, so he starts trying to move like a monkey. Goku tries to ask about the ground here, but the monkey keeps making noises. Then someone asks Goku what he is doing.There's a chubby guy with antennae, sunglasses, and fancy dress. Goku stops and then asks the guy who he is. "I'm... Mmm... Kaiyo... Kaio... Kaió... I'm Kaió!" Goku then asks who the monkey is, and Kaiō says it's his pet Bubbles. Goku thought it was weird and Kaiō says "You're the weird one."Kaiō then asks if he came to hear his cool new trick, and Goku doesn't know what he's talking about. Yet he says so. "Moshi Moshi. are they? Dare mo denwa ni… den wa!" ("Hello? Huh?... No one's answering the... phone!") Kaiō thinks it's for the best, but Goku doesn't get it. he asks what he wants and Goku says to train. But Kaiō says go home, he won't train anyone who can't laugh at such a great joke. Goku then bursts out laughing so Kaiō is now pleased. He says he will train Goku , if he passes the test - say a pun that would make a "gag genius" like him laugh!Goku freaks out and Kaiō tells him that he should go home if he's planning on making a weak joke. And then Goku blurts out, "Futon ga futtonda!!!" ("The futon flew away!!!") Kaiō starts to laugh, making Goku pass. Now Kaiō is ready to teach him the biggest gags, but Goku says he came for the martial arts. Kaiō tries to correct the placement of the arms, but Goku says it's hard to move around here. Kaiō asks if he's from Earth and explains that the gravity here is about ten times that of Earth. So his body weighs ten times as much! He says to try jumping and Goku can't get much higher. Kaiō thinks it will be fun.