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A crowd gathers around the two craters in the middle of the street, everyone wondering what just happened. He sees a human—the smaller of the two Saiyans—come out and freaks out. Piccolo and Gohan both sense that the Saiyans have arrived, as do Yamcha, Kuririn, Yajirobe (well, he's actually just sitting around eating some meat) and Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu.Both Saiyans are now out of their ships as the crowd of onlookers murmur in confusion. The little Saiyan looks around and says "Earth" was it? Not a bad little planet, huh?" The Big One sneers, "Why don't we say a friendly hello to those chirping birds?" The Big Saiyan then raises his hand and causes the entire city to explode, saving them and their space pods. The Big Saiyan says that he could have been a little too polite in his greeting. The small Saiyan berates the big one, calling him "Nappa" and tells him not to overdo it or they won't be able to sell the planet for a high price. Nappa, calling the smaller Saiyan "Vegeta", states that they are only here for , to make a wish from What-Balls.Vegeta corrects him: they are called "Dragon Balls" and they first get information about them from whoever killed Raditz. If one of the Dragon Balls was in this area, their wish for eternal life would be rendered useless, all thanks to Nappa's idiotic "greeting". Nappa hastily apologizes. For starters, Vegeta says, they'll be looking for the person with the highest fighting power on the planet, because it'll either be the one who killed Raditz or Kakarrot's son. Nappa is surprised that there are a few people on this planet with combat abilities over 1000, but Vegeta says that they are still no match for them. Vegeta finds the highest value on the planet in a short period of time. “Alright Nappa. Let's play!" As they fly off towards Piccolo, Nappa notes how much he likes the lower gravity on this planet.Yamcha quickly notices that the two aliens have started to move. Kuririn also notices that they are walking towards two large ki. He wonders if they are going towards Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu or Piccolo and Goku's child. Piccolo yells at Gohan, “They're coming...!! ” and Gohan says he is ready. Elsewhere, Tenshinhan prepares to take off and tells Chiaotzu to stay put, but he refuses as he has been training for it.At Kame House, Bulma and everyone else are watching the news about the massive earthquake in East City. Kame-Sen'nin knows that means they have come. Bulma puts on the eye device she fixed and wants to find their location, and Oolong whines that he doesn't want to die. The Kame-Sen’nin says that if they went, they would only be in the way, and all they can do is wish everyone good luck. Pu'er tells Yamcha not to die and Bulma tells Goku to hurry, who is shown still running down the Serpent Path.It is now 12:20 and Piccolo and Gohan (who is now wearing Piccolo's outfit) are waiting. He senses someone coming, but it turns out to be Kuririn. Piccolo asks if he came to get in the way, and Kuririn explains that everyone else is coming too. Gohan remembers who Kuririn is now and says his father said he was small but strong. Kuririn doesn't like the small part. They talk a little more when Piccolo interrupts that they are here. Kuririn can't believe their incredible ki and Vegeta asks if they were waiting for them.