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Piccolo asks them what the hell they want and Vegeta recognizes his voice as the one who killed Raditz. Piccolo is surprised and Vegeta explains that their eye devices are also communicators. Nappa asks Vegeta if Piccolo is a Namekian, and Kuririn and Gohan ask him if he is also an alien. Vegeta says that he heard that Namekians have special powers and can use magic and stuff, so he must be the one who made the Dragon Ball stuff.Kuririn wonders how they know about the Dragon Balls, and then Piccolo thanks them for the story of his past, but he wasn't the one who made the Dragon Balls. Piccolo then prepares to attack. Up in God's palace, God says he didn't know he was an alien. However, he always thought he was a little different than everyone else. He created the Dragon Balls, but maybe someone else on Planet Namek created something like the Dragon Balls. He doesn't seem to remember.Nappa says that since he won't tell them about the Dragon Balls, they will force him to tell. Nappa reads their battle powers (Kuririn - 981, Piccolo - 1,220, Gohan - 1,083) and can't believe that they plan to take on them at such low levels. Vegeta then tells Nappa to remove his scout, which is their eye device. These guys can change their combat powers at will, so the numbers aren't good. Nappa thinks the weakling Raditz relied too much on his scout figures. Kuririn and Piccolo can't believe they called Raditz a weakling.Vegeta tells Nappa to plant six saibaimen and Nappa says that Vegeta really likes to play. Nappa pulls out a small bottle and plants six small seeds in the ground right in front of them. Then he pours some liquid from the bottle so that they sprout immediately. Six strange little plant monsters appear and Vegeta tells them to attack the three over there. But then Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu appear, and after a while Yamcha. Vegeta thinks the six Saibaimen verses, six of them, will be fun. "It is a game!"Piccolo gets mad that he thinks it's a game and wants them to stop having fun, and Kuririn tries to tell him to stop. Tenshinhan volunteers to go first and Vegeta sends Saibaiman. Saibaiman lunges at him, but Tenshinhan just blasts it away. Tenshinhan figures it out, but Saibaiman then cuts his head open and shoots the liquid at him. Tenshinhan easily dodges it, and Kuririn and Piccolo barely move out of the way before the substance burns through the ground like acid. Tenshinhan then quickly elbows Saibaiman in the face, knocking him down. Nappa freaks out, but Vegeta thinks it's sure to be fun.