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Gohan flies through the air with the dragon radar and eventually comes to the village and lands. Gohan says that Vegeta wiped out this village for good and goes to look for the Dragon Ball, which Vegeta couldn't find. Radar says it's in the water instead of in the house, which he thinks is weird. He swims down until he reaches the Four Star Ball and returns to the surface, thinking the villagers must have hidden him there. Meanwhile, Zarbon is outside of Freeza's ship looking for Vegeta and is upset that he has to hide. Freeza, still on the ship, screams through the hole and tells Zarbon that he better find him. Vegeta thinks it's cool that they're out there looking and notices that there are still only five Dragon Balls. Vegeta thinks he can't escape carrying all five and then comes up with a little plan.

"Hey!!! You've been scammed!!! I'm still on the ship!!!!" Zarbon and Freeza hear this and then Vegeta fires into the corridor. Zarbon flies back into the ship and Vegeta runs back into the dragon ball room and shoots a hole through the glass. Freeza and Zarbon try to walk down the corridor towards him but the blast he fired leaves a pile of smoke and debris. Vegeta then throws the dragon balls, one at a time, through the hole in the glass. Freeza realizes that Vegeta went for the Dragon Balls, but it's too late. Vegeta charges through the hole, just before Zarbon and Freeza get to room. Zarbon flies out of the hole and looks around, then marvels that he's back in the ship. Vegeta is actually hiding behind some rocks, then slowly makes his way into the surrounding water and swims away.

Frieza doubts that Vegeta could get far with five Dragon Balls, and says that he will search for him on the ship while Zarbon searches outside. Freeza tells Zarbon that he will kill him if Vegeta is not found within one hour. Vegeta emerges on another shore and says that they should have been dumped here somewhere. And there they are, all five dragon balls right in front of him, and Vegeta laughs at his victory. He starts moving them all to the corner of some rocks and thinks there is only one left once he gets the one he left in the water of that village. He then suddenly notices a strong battle force and wonders if it is Zarbon. But he isn't, someone weaker than Zarbon. And notices that it's Kuririn excitedly flying through the air with the One-Star Ball. Kuririn ignores Vegeta at all and Vegeta wonders why the Earthling is here. Vegeta refuses as he is holding the last Dragon Ball and flies after him.