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Kuririn fires directly at the bad guys and Saibaimen tries to fly away. Kuririn then directs the blast into the air and it descends, dispersing into six blasts. Three of the Saibaimen are blown up and nearly a fourth and Vegeta and Nappa are also hit. When the smoke clears, everyone cheers. Saibaiman, narrowly avoiding the blast, comes at Gohan, but Piccolo grabs his arm. She punches him in the stomach, blows him up, and then shoots him with his mouth, disintegrating him. Gohan thanks him and Piccolo says that he didn't do it to save him, but as a warm-up for a great fight.

Vegeta and Nappa emerge from the dust unscathed and say that if they want a great fight, they're going to get it. Tenshinhan can't believe they survived and Kuririn says he would put his full strength into it. Nappa says he wants to take on the five himself and hopes he'll enjoy it. Kuririn says that the Earth is shaking as Nappa powers up, and Chiaotzu tells Tenshinhan that his Chōnōryoku is ineffective. Nappa is ready to intervene and everyone is worried.