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The ground shakes as Nappa continues to charge and then rushes forward towards the Tenshinhan. He raises his arm to block the incoming strike, but Nappa punches him in the forearm! Tenshinhan screams in pain and then flies into the air before Nappa can finish him off. Tenshinhan is about to launch something at Nappa, but Nappa immediately rises into the air next to him and kicks him to the ground. Chiaotzu is really worried and Kuririn gets angry and prepares to attack Nappa, despite Piccolo's objections.

Nappa then waves his hand and blows a huge hole in the ground. Piccolo says he can't even see the bottom and can't believe the energy wave. Kuririn then freaks out because Chiaotzu is nowhere to be seen. Vegeta then yells at Nappa to look behind him as Chiaotzu presses Nappa's back. Nappa tries to fight him off, but he can't. Tenshinhan yells at him to run, but then Chiaotzu telepathically tells him, "Goodbye, Ten-san... Please don't die." Realizing what this means, Tenshinhan yells at him to stop. With a tear in his eye, Chiaotzu self-destructs. Tenshinhan is angry and yells, "Chiaotzuuuuuu!!!!!" Piccolo thinks the little guy did good, but when the smoke clears, Nappa is practically unharmed.