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Goku continues racing down the Serpent Road and says he has a bad feeling. Meanwhile, Nappa wants to kill each of them, and Kuririn can't believe that Chiaotzu sacrificed himself for nothing. Tenshinhan gets really angry and says that Chiaotzu was already brought back to life by the Dragon Balls once. Nappa tells him he can send him to meet the shits in the afterlife right now. Piccolo whispers to Kuririn and Gohan that Nappa likes to attack in short bursts, so they should strike.

Vegeta tells them that it's a good plan and says that if they look away, they'll miss their chance. Piccolo tells him that he won't be laughing when Son Goku comes. Vegeta wonders who it is as Nappa flies down towards the Tenshinhan. Piccolo and Kuririn notice, and then Piccolo flies in and punches Nappa in the face, sending him flying towards Kuririn. Kuririn punches him to the ground and Piccolo yells at Gohan to shoot him down.

But Gohan just stands there shaking, so Kuririn and Piccolo have to do it themselves. But they are too late and Nappa easily dodges. Tenshinhan decides to attack on Chiaotzu's behalf and to go as well. Tenshinhan charges, looks up at Nappa, then shouts, “Kikōhō!!!!!” Nappa is hit by Kikōhō, but is only slightly scratched. Tenshinhan falls and Vegeta mocks the idiot who died for nothing. Kuririn then yells, “Gokuuuuu!!! Please hurry!!!!"