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Nappa now looks at Gohan standing right in front of him and tells him that being part Saiyan he needs to make it funny. He kicks Gohan into the air and then throws him into a nearby mountain. Gohan struggles to get up and coughs up blood as Nappa walks up to him. But Kuririn then jumps and kicks Nappa in the face, knocking him into the distance. Kuririn flies after Nappa and Nappa catches and flies back to Kuririn.

Nappa punches Kuririn, but Kuririn does a few back flips to get out of the way. Nappa lunges at him again, causing Kuririn to raise his right hand in the air, palm up, creating a large disc of ki above his hand. He announces the Kienzan and then releases it towards Nappa. Nappa stands up to take it head on, but Vegeta yells for her to get out of the way. Nappa barely moves aside and Kienzan slices through the mountain like a saw blade. It scratched Nappa's face and left a nasty little cut.

Nappa is now angry and lashes out at Kuririn. Kuririn jumps out of the way but is hit by a shock wave. Nappa is about to finish him off when Piccolo suddenly hits him in the back, leaving a nice mark. Vegeta laughs at Nappa thinking they are too much for him and then Piccolo suddenly feels incredible ki. Nappa thinks he's talking about him, but Piccolo says it's Son Goku!