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Piccolo shouts that it's definitely Son Goku, and Gohan is excited for his father's arrival. Nappa asks where Kakarrot is and Vegeta picks up his scout again and decides to find out. Goku continues to zoom in on Kinto-Un and says he can feel two large ki, two even larger ki, and one small ki. The number must be wrong, so he asks who's dead and asks Kinto-Un to speed up. Vegeta reads in his explorer and then his eyes widened. He tells Nappa that Kakarrot will be here in four minutes and that he has a battle strength of 5000! Vegeta thinks that if these guys here were able to change their form like that, then Kakarrot must be able to do his change too.

Vegeta yells at Nappa to kill them all and Nappa asks what's up with the Dragon Balls. Vegeta says that he thinks they probably have even more powerful dragon balls on the Namekian homeworld, the planet Namek. Since Kakarrot came back to life, the legend must be true. Gohan starts yelling at Piccolo, telling him to run. "I'll hold him back until father comes!! Because if Piccolo-san dies, so will God and the Dragon Ball...!!!"

Piccolo thinks that Gohan alone won't stop him and Kuririn can't even move. “Hold me back, you say…? You're making me laugh, bug!!!!" Nappa charges towards Gohan, but then Gohan gets angry and kicks Nappa in the face, sending him flying into a nearby mountain. Nappa immediately rises from the rubble, all broken and seriously pissed off. He then charges and launches an explosive blast at Gohan, Gohan can't escape in time, but Piccolo suddenly runs up and stands in front of him, attacking himself.