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Nappa laughs at his attack, but is surprised to see that he hit Piccolo instead. Arrested, Piccolo weakly tells Gohan to run and then falls to the ground. Gohan asks why he saved him and he just says to run away again. Gohan yells at him not to die and Nappa laughs that it's his turn to die soon. Goku continues to zoom in on Kinto-Un but feels one's ki rapidly diminish and wonders who is dying. Up in God's palace, God also disappears. He says Goku didn't make it in time, but at least he's glad Piccolo died like that.

Piccolo laughs at how bad it is that Piccolo Daimaō died protecting the brat. He then says that Gohan is the only one who ever really talked to him. "All those months with you... weren't that bad... Don't die... Go...han..." Goku then feels his Ki disappear as the God says goodbye to Mr. Pop as well. Back on the battlefield, Gohan starts to cry, but also gets really angry in the process. He puts his hands above his head and yells, "Masenko!!!!" Vegeta has 2800 on his explorer and can't believe how much they can change their battle power.

Gohan fires his Masenkō, which looks similar to a Kamehameha, directly at Nappa, but Nappa manages to knock him away. Nappa says that he hurt his arm in the process, and Vegeta says that his fighting power is now down. Kuririn thinks they are too strong. Gohan apologizes to Piccolo for not being able to take revenge and now he doesn't even have the strength to run away. Kuririn still can't move at all as Nappa comes over to finish off Gohan.

Nappa tries to crush Gohan with his foot, but when he looks down, he notices that Gohan is gone and sees him floating nearby on a Kinto-Un. Gohan himself is surprised to see Kinto-Uno. Vegeta then looks up at the sky and both Gohan and Kuririn are excited. "So you finally showed up!!" Vegeta says as Goku lands on the ground.