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Gohan and Kuririn are really happy to see Goku and Vegeta says he must have told a stupid joke about defeating them. Goku walks past Nappa towards Piccolo's body and checks that he is absolutely dead. "Piccolo-san died protecting me..." Goku then sees the bodies of Tenshinhan and Yamcha and Nappa laughs that there was another little guy and Goku realizes that Chiaotzu is dead as well. And now, of course, so is God. Vegeta notices that his battle power is now rising as he passes near Nappa. Nappa thinks he wants to die, so he lunges at him.

But Goku just walks right past him towards Gohan and Kuririn and splits the last senzu between them. Goku tells Kuririn that he is really strong, but Kuririn says that it still wasn't enough because everyone is dead. Goku also praises Gohan and Gohan says that Piccolo taught him well but he still couldn't do anything. Speaking of which, Kuririn remembers that they can no longer use the dragon balls and tells Goku that they will have to defeat these guys on behalf of their three friends. Goku says that he will be the only one to fight this time, but both Kuririn and Gohan object.

Goku ignores them and gets angry, so Kuririn grabs Gohan and says they should leave like he said. He goes to Nappa who laughs and thinks he must want to die really bad. "I will not forgive you bastards...!!" Goku then starts to really power up, the Earth shakes and rocks fly into the air just like him. Vegeta's scout gets to 7000… 8000… and then Goku stops. Nappa asks what Kakarrot's combat power is now, and Vegeta tells him it's 8,000 as he takes off his scout and angrily smashes it. Goku tells him not to worry because he still hasn't used the Kaiō-Ken on him. Vegeta wonders about this "Kaiō-Ken" and Nappa gets angry. In a flash, Goku gets behind Nappa and kicks him face first into the ground.