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Nappa is upset and Goku tells him, "You're not in my league." Kuririn and Gohan watch from a safe distance and think about this turn of events, and Vegeta notes that his fighting power is completely different from when he fought Raditz. Intent on proving him wrong, Nappa powers up and charges at Goku. But Goku easily avoids all his punches and kicks and ends up far away. Neither Kuririn nor Gohan can track Goku's movements and Vegeta wonders how Kakarrot got so strong.

Goku rushes towards Nappa and then stands on his head. Nappa tries to put his hands over his head and crush him, but Goku ends up in front of him again and punches him in the stomach. “That one was for Chiaotzu!” Nappa tried to kick him, but Goku pulled back and punched him again, sending him flying. “For Yamcha!!!” Nappa catches himself in mid-air just before he hits the mountain and throws an explosive blast down at Goku. Goku cancels it with just a kiai and then heads into the air knocking Nappa to the ground. “This is for Tenshinhan!!”

Goku dives down behind him and kicks him. “For Piccolo!!” Nappa crashes into a mountain, but soon after flies out, super angry this time. Nappa shouts that he is an elite warrior and Goku is a low class warrior while Kuririn and Gohan are excited by Goku's strength. Vegeta then yells at Nappa to calm down and think clearly, which Nappa does and thanks him for the tip. Vegeta thinks what an idiot Nappa is and that it's finally his turn.