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Nappa says that Kakarrot's head was bleeding and asks him if he is ready. Goku says this is the fight he wanted and Nappa says he's bluffing. Although Vegeta thinks otherwise. Nappa lowers and raises his hand, causing the ground beneath Goku to explode. Goku manages to fly out of it, but Nappa notices him and flies after him. Nappa punches Goku but Goku blocks it and kicks him in the face. The two trade a few blows and then break.

Goku tells Nappa that he has improved a lot and this only makes Nappa laugh and threaten to end it. Nappa fires a huge blast from his mouth at Goku, and just before he hits, Goku blasts him with the Kamehameha. When the two blasts combine, a large explosion occurs and Vegeta is shocked that he blocked it in such a short time. Nappa can't believe it because it was his best technique. Goku says he's a pretty tough bastard.

Vegeta yells at Nappa that he's done enough, now he's going to take it on himself. Kuririn and Gohan are surprised that Vegeta finally shows up and wonder how powerful he is when even the huge guy is afraid of him. Nappa is upset by this, but tells Goku that he will soon regret that this happened, as Vegeta is a genius fighter who was named after Planet Vegeta. Nappa starts to descend but then looks down at Kuririn and Gohan and rushes towards them. Goku realizes what he's doing and that he won't make it.

Yelling "Kaiō-Ken!!!!!", Goku suddenly accelerates, punches Nappa in the back, and then stands on the ground and grabs Nappa. Goku holds him above his head with one hand and then throws him to the ground right in front of Vegeta. Goku says he can't fight anymore and tells Vegeta to take him and leave Earth. Vegeta thinks, "What was that just now... In a single moment, his speed and strength suddenly increased!"