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Vegeta tells Kakarotto that he should be happy that a low class warrior like him is able to play with a super elite warrior. “Immediately after a Saiyan is born, his fighting potential is checked. And if it's low-number trash like you, it's sent to a planet where the inhabitants pose no threat." Goku says that's why he's here on Earth, so he's grateful. He also says that humans can even surpass elite status if they will work hard enough Vegeta thinks it was a funny joke and says he will show him a level that cannot be surpassed.

They both get into a fighting stance and then Goku lunges at Vegeta. They block each other's blows and then Vegeta does a few back flips to avoid a kick from Goku. They fly back to each other and Vegeta elbows Goku in the face. Goku catches himself before he crashes and then heads back into the air. Vegeta comes from behind and swings at him, but Goku ducks her. Vegeta dodges a kick from Goku and Goku dodges a kick from him. Then they take to the air and exchange blows. As they fight, Vegeta taunts Goku, asking where the power he showed when he took down Nappa went.

Vegeta knocks Goku down to the ground and he lands safely on top of the rock formation. Vegeta also descends on a rock formation. Goku thinks to himself that Vegeta's completely overpowered him. Goku yells at Vegeta to show him, then: bursts into flames, announcing the Kaiō-Ken, then kiai attacks Vegeta. Vegeta flies out of the way, but Goku flies after him and manages to punch him in the face. Goku punches him some more and then kicks him into the distance. Goku flies after him, but Vegeta accelerates and kicks him back at Goku. They both land and Vegeta says it's a big disappointment if he only has this. Goku is amazed at his strength, but for some reason the desperate situation is exciting…