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Vegeta thinks that Goku is now taking it seriously and increasing his fighting power. Goku is really excited to face this predicament, probably because of the battle-loving Saiyan blood that flows in him. Vegeta thinks this is Goku's limit and wants to give him a dying gift - the overwhelming power of a Super Elite Saiyan! Vegeta then starts charging up and the entire Earth shakes with dark clouds swirling overhead. Things are really messed up and Goku says it's like a typhoon. But then Vegeta stops, the weather calms down and the clouds disappear. "It's over...Kakarrot...!!!"

In the air, Vegeta lunges at Goku with the back of his head and then elbows him in the stomach down to the ground. Goku barely catches himself, but then Vegeta kicks him from behind towards a rock formation. Goku jumps on top of it instead of collapsing and sees Vegeta in the air above him. Vegeta fires at Goku, causing Goku to yell, "Kaiō-Ken times two!!!!!" Goku flies out of the way and there is a huge explosion where he was.

Vegeta smirks and fires another shot at Goku and Goku barely dodges it. However, the blast managed to rip off most of the right half of Goku's shirt. Goku then lands and curses Vegeta's speed and strength. Not even Kaiō-Ken x2 was enough. As he takes off the remains of his shirt, he says he'll have to pull it out on Kaiō-Ken x3. Vegeta doesn't seem to think it will do him any good as Yajirobe watches from behind a nearby rock formation.