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Vegeta can't believe that he, a super elite warrior, could be defeated by a low class warrior. "I am the greatest in the universe...!!!" Goku thinks about how much his whole body hurts and realizes that using Kaiō-Ken x3 is really overdoing it. Vegeta then runs a hand over his mouth and notices the blood on his glove. He can't believe that his blood has been absorbed by such garbage and he really starts to flare up. It threatens to turn the earth into dust and fly straight into the air.

Vegeta is powered up and preparing to fire directly at Earth. Yajirobe goes crazy and Goku decides to counter it with a Kaiō-Ken x3 Kamehameha. Vegeta then fires what he calls his Galic Cannon and Goku counters by firing his Kamehameha at him. The two blasts collide midway and both try to make their blast beat the other. Goku then yells, "Four times!!!!!!" Kamehameha suddenly becomes much more powerful than Galic Cannon and Vegeta gets hit. Goku then shuts down and starts breathing heavily.