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Goku is really worn out and Yajirobe is glad it's over and runs to Goku. "Son!!! You did it didn't you bastard!!!" Goku wonders what he's doing here and Yajirobe compliments him on defeating the other bastard. He pats Goku on the back, which hurts Goku a lot. Yajirobe asks what's wrong and Goku explains that he used a technique that was too big for his body. Goku then tells Yajirobe that he should run and Yajirobe asks if he's serious... Goku says that Vegeta is still alive and also says "I think I've reached my limits." Yajirobe then uses this opportunity to escape.

Kamehameha keeps blasting Vegeta through the sky, but Vegeta eventually breaks away from it. "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!" Vegeta goes crazy from being overpowered by Kakarrot. He is supposed to be Saiyan #1. Vegeta then calms down and decides that despite how ugly he will be, he will transform into Ozara, showing the true power in a Saiyan. Vegeta then looks around for the moon but can't find it and thinks it's not time for it yet.

Kaiō laughs at how he can't find the moon because that guy named Piccolo destroyed it. Kaiō also telepathically tells Goku that even though he no longer has the power, he can still use Genki-Dama. And Goku wonders why Vegeta hasn't returned yet. Meanwhile, Vegeta thinks they must have destroyed the moon by now, but he doesn't seem concerned at all... Goku then senses Vegeta returning to the battlefield. Vegeta tells him that he noticed the moon is gone and Goku doesn't see what that has to do with anything.

Vegeta explains that they transform when they see a full moon. “As you know, moonlight is just a reflection of sunlight. But when it bounces off the moon, that sunlight creates Brutz waves. And if these Brutz waves are from the full moon, there are more than 17 million Zenos. If our eyes pick up Brutz's waves over 17 million Zeno, our tail will react and you will begin to transform. There are many moons in the universe, but regardless of their size, none can create a Brutz wave over 17 million Zenos without being a full moon. However... a Saiyan in a pinch can create a small artificial moon full of Brutz waves over 17 million Zeno. I will mix this Power Ball with the oxygen of this planet to make it grow fast!!!”

“Sorry for the delay, Kakarrot!!! Finally your time to die has come...!!! After all, a low class warrior shouldn't challenge a super elite warrior to a fight!!! Fuhahahaha…” Goku doesn't quite understand what's going on as Vegeta throws the Power Ball into the air and yells at him to fuse. It starts to expand and even Kaiō is freaking out. Vegeta stares at it and then begins to transform…