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Goku continues to collect genki for Genki-Dama and then notices that Vegeta is starting to regain his sight, but thinks that he won't be able to find him that far so easily. Vegeta is really upset and can't see him, but then he notices Goku in the distance. Goku realizes that he has been found, but thinks that he still has some time before he arrives. And eventually Goku did; gathered all the genki of Earth. "Take it!!!!!" Vegeta suddenly fires a huge blow at Goku, causing a huge explosion and blowing up the rock formation Goku was standing on.

Yajirobe is blown away and Gohan and Kuririn continue to fly back towards the battlefield. Goku didn't expect such an attack and says that all his work on Genki-Dama went for naught. Goku's left shoulder is now completely broken and he thinks it's all over. Vegeta steps towards him and then prepares to stomp on him, but Goku barely jumps out of the way. Vegeta quickly punches Goku into a nearby rock formation and he falls to the ground. Goku is barely moving now and Vegeta starts stomping on him.

Gohan and Kuririn continue towards the battlefield and notice that Goku's ki is decreasing by the minute. Vegeta raises his leg and then starts lecturing Kakarrot. Goku is laying there thinking this is the end and then Vegeta prepares to knock Goku out with one of his fingers. But Goku suddenly sends a one handed blow to Vegeta's right eye. Goku says he has no power at all and tells Vegeta to do whatever he wants. Vegeta's eye is now confused and bleeding. He is seriously upset that Kakarrot damaged his face and then picks him up in his hands and starts squeezing him.