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Kuririn is excited Yajirobe did such a thing, while Yajirobe is scared and hides behind a rock. Gohan is still scared and doesn't know what happened, and Vegeta gets angry and yells that he's going to kill them all. He charges towards Gohan but then stops right in front of him and punches him in the stomach. Gohan falls forward and holds on, and Vegeta is about to attack him again, but Kuririn flies in. However, Vegeta knows it's coming and turns and kicks Kuririn into a nearby rock formation. Vegeta mocks him and says he couldn't wait for his turn as Yajirobe looks on in horror.

Vegeta turns his attention back to Gohan and tells him to get up and make it more fun. Vegeta then picks him up by his shirt, thinking he's trash. He headbutts Gohan hard, noting that apparently even trash has red blood. Vegeta decides to be kind and lets him die right next to his father and throws him next to Goku. Goku tells Gohan that he can't move, so he asks Gohan to please fight for him. Gohan says it's no use, he's too strong. Vegeta decides it's time to finally kill Kakarrot, followed by Kakarrot's brat, the bald bastard, and finally the bastard who cut off his tail. Yajirobe freaks out when he hears that he remembered.

Goku tells Gohan that even if he can't win, he should at least hold him off. He should have more awesome power than Vegeta and then Kuririn can finish him off. Kuririn slowly starts to get back to his feet and Gohan says he can't move. Goku yells at him to not be stupid and remember what Piccolo taught him. Vegeta suddenly lands a knee first on Goku's stomach and Goku coughs up more blood. Vegeta starts kicking Goku and Gohan gets angry. "Stop it!!!!!" Vegeta turns and Gohan declares that he will defeat him.

"Will you beat me?" Vegeta asks smugly. Gohan fires at him, but Vegeta jumps over him. Then Gohan jump kicks Vegeta and sends him flying. Gohan flies after him, but Vegeta turns around and kicks Gohan in the face. Goku asks Kuririn if she can hear him as Gohan and Vegeta exchange blows. Gohan is sent flying and Vegeta says "Don't mess with Vegeta-sama!" Vegeta is about to attack him again when Kuririn walks towards Goku, thinking that Vegeta is just too much for them. Goku tells Kuririn that he wants to give him the Genki-Dama he collected from Earth.