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Vegeta jumps over Genki-Dama and everyone freaks out. Now heading straight for Gohan, Goku telepathically tells Gohan to deflect it. A person without evil ki should be able to deflect it. Gohan then extends his arms and the Genki-Dama bounces towards Vegeta - it's a direct hit! Sparks and ki fly all around with a big explosion that throws Vegeta high into the air. Vegeta appears to be done and everyone celebrates, or at least is relieved.

Kuririn and Gohan head to Goku and they all have a little chat. But then Vegeta suddenly falls from the sky and lands not far from them. Kuririn goes to him, surprised that his body is still so intact, and wonders if he should at least make him a grave. "What about your graves?" Everyone freaks out when a disheveled Vegeta stands up and threatens to take care of them all now. First he backhands Kuririn and sends him flying saying that he will now destroy this entire planet!