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Bulma flies a small plane with Kame-Sen'nin, Chi-Chi and Karin in tow. Karin says that it's a little more to the left and that Goku and everyone else are under that light in front (referring to Vegeta's Power Ball). Chi-Chi starts choking Karin and asks if Gohan is alive, but Karin can only say that he probably is. Chi-Chi doesn't like this answer, and Kame-Sen'nin says that he's worried about the five ki he senses because they're all very weak. Karin says that even the Saiyan is on the verge of death.

Vegeta's space pod arrives on the battlefield and then lands a few feet away from Vegeta. Vegeta tries to crawl to her while Kuririn realizes it's his spaceship and starts to get up. Kuririn then spots Yajirobe's sword and sneaks up on Vegeta with it. Kaiō seems pleased with the events, due to all the wrongs this Saiyan has done, but cryptically says that this is not the root of evil... Vegeta makes it to his ship and Kuririn comes from behind with a sword. "This is revenge for everyone you killed...!!" Kuririn is about to attack, but then someone yells, "Please wait!!!!"

It was Goku and he spoke directly into Kuririn's heart. Kuririn wonders out loud what's going on and Goku explains that he can't speak out loud. He then asks Kuririn to release Vegeta as his only request. Kuririn protests because he killed their friends and planned to kill everyone in the world. Kuririn believes that he will definitely come back once he recovers, and Goku says "probably". Kuririn tells him that he is making a big mistake if he thinks this guy will have a change of heart like Piccolo. Goku knows that Vegeta is incredibly strong, but he can't help but think that it would be a shame for him to die. Goku intended to train to his limits under Kaiō, but it turned out that Vegeta was much larger than him. Fighting Vegeta somehow turned Goku on like when he fought Piccolo. He knows this enjoyment is a bad habit and attributes it to his Saiyan nature.

Goku insists that next time he will definitely surpass Vegeta and defeat him. “I know it's a mistake, but please…! For me and myself please allow it...!!" Kuririn bows his head and then slowly drops Yajirobe's sword. He then picks himself up and says how the Earth kind of owes Goku this request after all the things he's done and tells Goku , to kick him next time. Vegeta, now fully in his ship, tells them to be ready because there won't be a miracle next time. Then he fires. Kuririn walks over and picks up Gohan, who is still unconscious. And Yajirobe pulls himself together and says, " The moron... Why didn't he finish him...!" Goku apologizes to Kuririn, but Kuririn says it's nothing and says they might be able to bring everyone back to life. Meanwhile, Bulma et al.'s small plane arrives and begins to land.