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Goku asks Kaiō if he knows, and he says of course he does, that's why his name is Kaiō. Kame-Sen'nin is amazed that they can even hear Kaiō. Goku asks to tell everyone because apparently everyone can hear him. But first, Kaiō wants to say that everyone did well, and Goku says how shocked he was that Kaiō-Ken didn't work so well. Kaiō says that he miscalculated the power of that Saiyan named Vegeta. Kame-Sen’nin asks what they are talking about and Kuririn says he will tell him the details later. Kaiō then pulls out a book and begins searching for the exact location of Planet Namek. From Earth's perspective, it is 9045YX from the direction of SU83. Bulma freaks out when she hears 9045YX and tells Kame-Sen'nin to grab the wheel while she does some calculations.

Kaiō tells them that Planet Namek was once a beautiful planet, but then unusual weather occurred and people began to die off. However, there should still be some survivors. Kuririn can't believe it and Yajirobe thinks it's hopeless. But that's a long time ago, and Kaiō is confused, saying he'll find out when he tries to find out what state the planet is in now. Karin realizes that God must have been the last and he must have escaped to Earth. He also notes that God forgot all about it, so he must have lost his memory. "He was quite a boy, with a sad past..." Yajirobe asks why the Namekians didn't just wish the unusual weather with their Dragon Balls, and Kame-Sen'nin tells him that the Dragon Balls cannot grant a wish beyond the power of their creator. Even Shenlong couldn't handle a Saiyan. Yajirobe thinks the Dragon Balls are worthless then.

Kaiō yells at them with the news that there are still some Namekians on the planet! Just a hundred, but they are thriving again! Everyone is excited, although Yajirobe doesn't like the thought of a hundred other people who look like God. “Originally the Namekians were a very peaceful race. As was the God of your Earth. Perhaps before he became a God, he met some earthlings and their influence gave birth to Piccolo Daimaō. Yajirobe agrees that there are a lot of stingy people here. Kame-Sen'nin thinks that the possibility of them bringing everyone back has increased. Bulma says they're all really naive; even if they know where Planet Namek is, how do they get there? Kuririn says with a spaceship, of course.

He says they are still so naive. "Even if we used a spaceship with the biggest engine dad ever built, do you have any idea how long it would take to get to Planet Namek?" He knows: 4,339 years and three months, which even Kaiō is surprised to hear. Kuririn suggests they use the Saiyan spaceship. Kame-Sen'nin says that the Saiyan left with it, but Kuririn says that the ship of the Saiyan who died must still be nearby. Goku adds that his older brother also has a ship here, but then adds that it's all broken. Bulma says that if there is still one, they can probably analyze it and use it somehow. Kame-Sen'nin says it's probably in East City, the first place they destroyed. They will have to look for it immediately afterwards.

Kuririn remembers that he has the remote that Vegeta used to call his spaceship. Bulma takes it, thinking that all of this is really possible, and everyone starts celebrating. The next day, at the hospital in West City... Goku is all bandaged up and lying in a hospital bed saying he won't recover for up to four months. Karin says don't worry because there will be a new senzu in a month. Kuririn and Gohan are lucky and only have to stay in the hospital for three days and Kuririn says that Goku looks like a mummy. Yajirobe is upset that he isn't a patient, and Karin says he only wants to be so he can get hospital food. Kuririn then mentions that when Yajirobe thought he was done with him, he apologized and tried to join the Saiyan side, and Karin laughs as Yajirobe gets upset. Gyūmaō is happy that everyone is okay and coming back to life, then Bulma bursts into the room and tells him to watch TV.

A man on the news reports that they discovered this round object among the ruins of East City. He says it looks like it came from outer space and they are able to ride in it. Everyone is watching, even though Goku can't see from his position. Originally there were two, but one suddenly flew away. Kame-Sen'nin says that the scholars have already found it, but Bulma decides to use the remote that Kuririn gave her. He starts pushing buttons and they watch the TV as... it explodes. Everyone freaks out and Bulma thinks she must have hit the self-destruct switch. Kuririn passes out and Goku thinks about how Kinto-Un won't work. Bulma yells at Kuririn about the weird remote control and he says she was just hastily pressing buttons. Mr. Popo suddenly appears outside the hospital window and the sight of him frightens Bulma. Of course, Kuririn recognizes him and Mr. Popo says, “Come on somebody. There is a spaceship.”