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Kuririn asks if there really is a spaceship and Mr. Popo says probably. Goku explains that Mr. Popo lives with God and served all the previous gods as well. Kuririn asks what he means by "probably", and Mr. Popo says that there is probably a spaceship, but he doesn't really know. So he wants someone to go explore with him. Kuririn looks at Bulma, but she doesn't think it's safe to go with Mr. Pop on his flying carpet. After some encouragement, Bulma climbs out the window onto the carpet and tells Pop to be careful because she's delicate. The carpet suddenly disappears and the others wonder about this possible spaceship.

The magic carpet reappears in the wind canyon. "We've arrived. Down to earth." Bulma asks where they are and says that this place is extremely cold. "Yunzabit Heights." Bulma asks if this is the end of the Earth as Mr. Popo tries to remember which way he is. He starts walking through the canyon and Bulma follows him, saying that he better not plan anything sexual. And then they come to a big open place with a… “thing”. It's a big round "thing" with spiky legs holding it up and some other spiky things sticking out of the top. Mr. Popo asks if it's a spaceship, and Bulma goes to investigate, thinking it looks like metal. He then asks where this "thing" is from and what exactly it is.

Mr. Popo says that God told him something very unusual about a hundred years ago. He said he used to live here in Yunzabit Heights when he was little. He asked Mr. Pop why no one else lived in Yunzabit. It seemed that God hit him in the head and he lost his memory. He also asked Mr. Pop where his parents were because all he found was a letter saying, "I'll be back later, please wait for me." So he kept waiting for his parents, but they never came (we see a flashback of Elder God talking to Mr. Pop about all this).

God says he waited there until someone came; it was rough and the food was not good. He waited twenty, no, thirty years before finally giving up and leaving his house behind. Sometimes he looks and notices that it hasn't changed a bit. Bulma interrupts to ask the meaning of all this and Mr. Popo says he's getting to the point. God said he was trying to remember the strange house. He now knows that there are many different worlds, but his house was truly different. He had four round legs like an insect. The door had neither handle nor key; you had to open it with your tongue.

Mr. Popo tells Bulma that the word was "Piccolo". The bottom of the "thing" suddenly comes off the round part like a disc platform, so they climb on it and say "Piccolo" again. Bulma realizes that this is God's house. Now the disk is part of the floor and they are inside. It's basically just a futuristic looking room with a big seat behind a control panel. Mr. Popo asks if it looks like a spaceship, and Bulma remembers that God was a Namekian and had to come here to escape the unusual weather. Mr. Popo says that he also heard what Kaiō said about all of this and it reminded him of what God told him about this house. Mr. Popo says that his parents had to send him here as a child to save him from the bad things on the planet.

Bulma thinks that something must have happened if his parents didn't run away with him; maybe they planned to come later but died. Bulma looks around and is sure it must be a spaceship, but wonders if they will be able to use it. He starts fiddling with the control panel looking for the master switch but can't seem to find it and wonders if there is some code he needs. Then they don't think these buttons are switches, but sensors. He then realizes that the entire ship must be voice activated, as was the entrance. "Piccolo" doesn't work, so he tries to say something else. "Move!! Can you hear me!? Fly!! Try to fly!!"

Bulma gives up and realizes you have to speak in Namekian. He remembers the strange language God and Piccolo spoke in the Tenka'ichi Budōkai and realizes it must have been Namekian. Mr. Popo says he knows the language. "Piccolo" means "another world" in this language. Then Bulma remembers something about Piccolo Daimaō, who is referred to as the "Great Demon King of Another World". She tells Mr. Pop to tell him to fly and he asks where. He says anywhere is good, like Jupiter or something, and Mr. Popo gives it the order in Namekian! It takes off almost immediately and reaches Jupiter immediately. They start celebrating and Mr. Popo wipes away a tear at the thought of God coming back to life.