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Back in the hospital room, Bulma says they can get to Planet Namek in just a month. He just needs to remodel the spaceship a bit and then they can take off in five days. Kuririn is excited and Karin says that there seems to be a small glimmer of hope. Bulma asks Mr. Pop if he's going to Planet Namek, but he says he's not. Bulma can't believe it because he is the only one who can speak Namekian. Mr. Popo insists that he cannot leave God's palace alone for two months and offers to teach her Namek. Kuririn says Bulma has to go because of her great knowledge of mechanics and all, and she says fine, but it'll be dangerous... she'll have to make a shower, a bed, and a stereo.

However, Bulma insists that she cannot go alone. Yajirobe says he would go but he can't and Karin says no one would want to go with him anyway. Kame-Sen'nin thinks about the two month return trip and says there's no way around it, he'll have to go. Bulma yells at him that it would be too dangerous for him. Since Son-kun is in bad shape, he tells Kuririn to come. Kuririn doubts he'd be much use if they ran into a Saiyan again. Goku wants to go too, but he can't now. Goku thinks it would be better if they both go. Gohan asks to take him with him and Chi-Chi thinks he must be joking.

Gohan insists it's not a joke and says he wants to wish Piccolo back. Chi-Chi then starts yelling at him about how she's been taking care of him for a year and doesn't want another two months. He will also fall behind the other children in his studies and she will not allow such a thing. She yells that she has nothing to do with Piccolo and is just a little kid as Goku starts to flare up. Gohan suddenly yells, "Shut up!!!!!" Chi-Chi falls silent, thinking that Gohan has turned into a delinquent. Gohan tells her that she has to go and help bring everyone back to life. He can fight and he has to do something. Gyūmaō agrees that she should let him go and Goku thinks that Gohan has really gotten stronger.

Bulma thinks everything is taken care of and says that since she needs to correct the Namekian entry, they will meet at Kame House in ten days. Some time passes and Bulma, her father and some other workers are working on modifying the spaceship. "And finally the day of departure…" Bulma is at the Kame House with the spaceship and Kuririn is packed and ready to depart, looking at the spaceship with the Kame-Sen'nin and the Umigame. Kuririn asks Bulma about her haircut (short and straight now) and she says it's extremely cool. Kuririn asks if he thinks it's okay that he brought an umbrella, in case of weather, and then they notice that Gohan has arrived along with Chi-Chi and Gyūmaō.

Gohan is dressed in a fancy suit with a bow tie and a new flat cut. Bulma falls and Kuririn almost doesn't recognize him. Chi-Chi says that he is nicely dressed because the aliens have never seen a human before. Exhausted, Bulma sits down and says they should go now. Kame-Sen'nin shakes Kuririn's hand and tells him to find the Dragon Balls. Gohan says goodbye to everyone and Chi-Chi promises to send him a letter every day. Kuririn and Gohan look around inside the ship. Kuririn asks where she should put her bag and Bulma says it doesn't matter, just hurry up and sit down.

Bulma tells the control panel, “Departure in five seconds. Target Planet Namek.” Suddenly, they fly straight into space. Kuririn wishes they had seat belts and Kame-Sen'nin can't believe their speed. Up on the ship, Bulma says they can do whatever they want now and goes to another room to change. Kuririn thinks to put on his pajamas and remembers that he forgot his pajamas. Gohan also decides to change, but into an outfit he made without his mother knowing, just like Piccolo. Bulma comes out, not wearing pyjamas, but clothes that look like they were meant for adventure. And so begins their journey to the planet Namek…