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The ship continues to approach the planet Namek and this time Gohan and Kuririn actually fasten their seat belts as they enter the atmosphere. They land a little hard, but it's a successful landing nonetheless. Bulma starts preparing some special masks to breathe in the atmosphere here, but Kuririn and Gohan are already outside the ship and breathing just fine. They talk about it being Piccolo's home planet until Bulma comes out and yells at them for just coming here without thinking. She pulls out her dragon radar to search for the dragon balls and Kuririn whispers to Gohan that she seems angry again. Bulma then gets excited that the Dragon Radar is detecting the dragon balls here as well.

Kuririn and Bulma start dancing and celebrating, but are then interrupted by Gohan. He can feel strong ki above it, lots of it. Kuririn also notices and wonders what's going on. Bulma says there's nothing to worry about, they're just Namekians. Kuririn says that she feels bad, but Bulma says that Kaiō said that they are all peaceful. Radar says four dragon balls have gathered, not even in that direction. Bulma thinks they should meet the Namekians and Kuririn laughs that it's nothing to worry about. But then something suddenly burst through the air and Kuririn yelled that it was a Saiyan spaceship.

Bulma freaks out and Kuririn tells Gohan to lower his ki. Kuririn says it must be Vegeta and Gohan can't believe his injuries are already healed. Bulma says she must return to Earth, but Kuririn tells her to return alone; he must stay here and collect the dragon balls. Bulma says she will contact Kame-Sen'nin and then return with Goku in two months. They don't really like the idea of ​​two months. Meanwhile, Vegeta emerged from his ship, unwilling to let that bastard Freeza get the Dragon Balls. Freeza has probably already learned of his rebellion and is probably planning to kill him. Vegeta doubts he can beat Freeza, though it won't matter once the Dragon Balls grant him eternal life.

After all, he brought a scout and is using it to find Freeza. Vegeta finds out where he is and that he brought Zarbon and Dodoria with him, then flies off. Back on Earth, at Kame House, Kame-Sen'nin picks up the phone and Bulma tells him the situation. He says to tell Goku and everyone but Chi-Chi. Suddenly, everyone caught sight of the second space pod, just as Vegeta had crashed somewhere. Elsewhere on the planet, in a village, some Namekians are lying dead on the ground. There are a lot of different types of aliens standing around, all dressed in Saiyan armor, and one comes out of a house carrying the Three Star Ball.

The tiny little effeminate guy floating in the pod says they only have three left. He is surrounded by a long-haired handsome boy holding a ball of five and two stars and a big fat ugly guy holding a ball of seven stars. The little guy tells the fat guy to hold on to the Three Star Ball, addressing him as "Dodoria-san" and saying that Vegeta definitely wants it. The pretty boy calls the little guy Freeza and says that Kewi has arrived and is chasing Vegeta. The handsome boy continues that it must be two large forces that have just arrived. Two large forces appeared right in front of them, but they suddenly disappeared. Freeza says that the only problem should be dealing with Vegeta. The pretty boy says that Kewi is after him, and the two hate each other from the start. Kewi's ship crashes right next to Vegeta and he checks his scout and says they are almost even at battle strength. Still, he wins. “I won't let you get away, Vegeta! I, Kewi-sama, will finish with you…!”