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Vegeta starts to power up and tells Kewi to look at his scout now. Kewi freaks out and says they should be equal. Vegeta tells him that he is constantly training like he did when he was fighting on Earth. While he just sticks close to Freeza and remains the same. Vegeta gets more powerful and Kewi's scout finally breaks when he reaches 22000. Elsewhere, Zarbon's scout also breaks. He tells Dodoria that it was because Vegeta went over 22,000 and Dodoria says he was just using an old scout type. Dodoria plans to use his newer explorer to find the correct reading.

However, even with his new scouter type, Dodoria says he's increased to 24,000. Zarbon asks if he's saying that Vegeta surpassed their battle powers, and Dodoria says Vegeta shouldn't be more than 18,000. Freeza says that's not big problem, he had to learn some knowledge on Earth. Even if he fought the two of them for 24,000, it still wouldn't be enough. Freeza continues that Vegeta wants to wish for eternal life, just like him. Vegeta is irreverent from the start and seems to aspire to equal status with him. But Vegeta is reckless to start his rebellion now.

Kewi then tells Vegeta to hold it, he has a great idea. The two should team up against Freeza and could probably take out Zarbon and Dodoria together. Vegeta says he's lying and he's tired of listening to his bullshit. Kewi then starts charging as he insists it's not a lie. "Ahh!! Freeza!!!" Vegeta turns around and Kewi takes the opportunity to shoot him several times, when the smoke clears the entire area in front of Kewi is destroyed, sans Vegeta, and Kewi laughs that he's still no match for him.

But then Vegeta says his plan wasn't good, now he's standing to Kewi's left instead of in front. “My battle power has increased, but so has my speed. It basically means you've pissed me off now." Kewi freaks out and tries to fly away, but Vegeta catches up to him immediately. Vegeta punches him in the stomach and then knocks him into the air. Vegeta raises two fingers in the air and somehow causes, that the Kewi explodes. Vegeta lands and thinks that Freeza and everyone probably noticed his dealings with his scouts. He says that if he listens to their communication through his scout, he probably won't learn much about collecting the dragon balls. So he decides to look for just one, and then steal another six from them once they have them.

If all goes according to plan, Vegeta says he will get eternal life. Beating Freeza will no longer be a dream and once everyone is gone he will be number one. "Sajyan, Vegeta-sama, will rule the entire universe!" Meanwhile, Dodoria thinks that Vegeta must really be at 24,000 since he killed Kewi. Freeza is not afraid and says they will go find the fifth Dragon Ball. One of the henchmen looks at his scout and says there are about ten Namekians that way, and Freeza says there must be a fifth ball. He also says not to be careless because of the weird people besides Vegeta. Freeza, Zarbon, Dodoria and everyone else fly away.

Kuririn and Gohan are walking in the meantime, Bulma pulling them along. She says that the two of them should fly and carry her, but Gohan explains that flying uses a lot of ki and if they do that, the bad guys will find them. They come to a cave and Kuririn says they can stay there. Bulma doesn't like this and Gohan asks Kuririn if she feels someone the other way. It feels different this time, so this time it's definitely the Namekians. But then Kuririn suddenly shouts, “Hide!!! A separate group of bad ki is approaching us from that direction!!!!”