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Three angry Namekians arrive at the village and notice that two older Namekians are dead. One man says he had a bad feeling and Freeza says they took a break from work to get killed. Another of the men says that he heard a rumor that someone is coming to the villages and taking the Dragon Balls, so it must be true. The third man gets even angrier at them for stomping on Namek. The elder tells them to be careful, but to fight. Freeza asks Dodoria what their fighting powers are; he checks and says they are about 1000 each so no match for them. The elder realizes that these devices are able to find small villages and people on this huge planet.

Random followers laugh that there are only 1000 of them, but Kuririn and Gohan notice that they are actually holding back their ki. The henchmen all charge at them, but then the men start charging. One of the Namekians kicks the henchman into the mountain. A second Namekian punches another henchman hard in the face, and a third Namekian blasts another guy, sending him flying towards Zarbon. Zarbon kicks him into the ocean and asks Dodoria if they're really only at 1000. Dodoria checks and says that somehow they've gone up to 3000 now. The Namekian men keep beating up all the followers while Kuririn and Gohan quietly cheer them on from the top of the cliff.

Freeza notes that they are able to control their battle powers. The elder starts thinking about the devices again and tells the two children to run. Dodoria puts down his two dragon balls and asks Freeza if he can get rid of the three, who tells him to do whatever he wants. The elder suddenly fires a small ki at Dodori's explorer, blowing it up. Dodoria laughs and says that such an attack won't defeat him. The elder then jumps into the air and starts firing more ki blasts, destroying the scouts of all the defeated minions as well. Zarbon realizes that he is targeting the explorers and Dodoria yells that he will kill them all.