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Zarbon shouts that the scouts are the target, and Gohan notes that it's the thing that detects the opponent's strength and location. Kuririn realizes that it wasn't that they had a way to find the location of the Dragon Balls, but they were looking for the Namekians themselves with the scouts. Dodoria gets angry and threatens to kill them all, then flies into the air after the elder. Freeza yells at him to wait and kills the three youths first. Dodoria returns to earth and faces them, telling them that it should only take ten seconds to take care of them. But one of the Namekians says he thinks all three can hold their own against him.

“You think you can stand up to me, you say? What a great joke!" Dodoria suddenly appears behind one of them and thrusts his arm right through his chest. He pulls it out and fires a huge blow at another Namekian. He finally swings at the Namekian, but he jumps into the air and starts running. Dodoria chases after him, so turns and throws two-handed ki at Dodoria. There is a giant explosion and the man thinks he's won, but when the smoke clears, Dodoria is unharmed. Dodoria flies right at him and slams his head right into the hillside, killing him. Freeza says telling the elder that he needs to realize there's no point in resisting him any longer, he asks him to come down.The elder hesitates a bit, but eventually returns to the ground, and Freeza is glad that he's being a little more obedient.

“You broke our very important explorers. Don't you think you should apologize and hand over the Dragon Ball? You probably already know how we work, right? So if you're stubborn, the kids will die next." The elders relent if they promise to leave the kids out of it. Kuririn asks Gohan if he notices the strange ki rising; it's not extreme, but it's more than a match for them . The elder then hands the four-star orb to one of the henchmen and Freeza asks him to tell them where the other two dragon balls are. The elder refuses to sell the other Namekians and Freeza says that he will have to die with the children. When the elder hears this, he freaks out, when Dodoria suddenly attacks him.