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Vegeta thinks Zarbon's threat is funny and Zarbon decides to explain his true power before Vegeta dies. Zarbon says it's a difficult transformation before showing his true power. She prefers this beautiful form and therefore cannot stand the transformation. "But I'll choose transformation over death…" Vegeta laughs at the thought of transforming as a Saiyan. Zarbon says he doesn't need to transform into something big like Saiyan monkeys do. It's just his power that grows. Vegeta wants to see it. And then boom, Zarbon suddenly transforms into an ugly monster and lunges at Vegeta, grabbing his head and giving him a nasty headbutt. He throws Vegeta into the air, but Vegeta catches and throws himself back down to Zarbon.

Zarbon flies to him and they are met with Zarbon's fist on Vegeta's face. Zarbon then kicks Vegeta into the distance and Vegeta barely catches himself, out of breath. Zarbon tells Vegeta that he can't hide his surprise that he's from a transforming race. Zarbon says things have turned around now and decides to say something good to him before he dies. "Freeza is also a transforming race!" Vegeta freaks out and Zarbon says that someone who can't even beat him is no match for Freeza as he fires a huge ki at Vegeta. Vegeta barely dodges, but Zarbon grabs him from behind. Zarbon then zooms straight down, sending Vegeta plummeting to the ground. Zarbon doubts that Vegeta survived; and even if he did, he would probably drown. He turns nicely again and decides to tell Freeza. After Zarbon flies away, Vegeta slowly emerges and tries to pull himself back to land, saying that he gets stronger.