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Vegeta marvels at his power that he is now able to kill Dodoria and thinks that his time on Earth really wasn't wasted. But then he wonders what Dodoria said about chasing earthlings and remembers that he felt two great powers before. Vegeta decides he should go investigate since no one can interfere and flies off. Meanwhile, Gohan, Kuririn and the kid fly towards the cave where Bulma is, but then they feel something approaching really fast. They hurry and fly down to the island and hide and Kuririn wonders how the bastard knows where they are without the device. Vegeta then flies to the area and says that the two powers have disappeared and looks around.

Gohan looks up to show Kuririn that Vegeta is up there and everyone cowers and freaks out. Vegeta then moves out of their line of sight and they are reassured that he is still looking for them. Kuririn wonders how he could have found them without a scout as Vegeta gets angry and wonders if he was wrong. He thinks he hasn't mastered this "power-seeking technique" yet, and wishes he hadn't broken his explorer after all. He then senses something as Kuririn realizes that he must be able to sense ki. Kuririn freaks out because even if they hide their ki, there is still a small ki of this child. Vegeta feels a little power and says it's not a mistake this time. Vegeta then flies to them and Kuririn thinks it's all over.

But then a giant fish jumps out of the water and Vegeta thinks it was him. He decides to find the remaining two Dragon Balls... no, just one so Freeza won't be able to get all seven. Then he takes Freeza's high five, he says to himself as he flies off. Kuririn and Gohan relax and try to catch their breath. Kuririn says he thought it was all over, but for now they should go back to Bulma. He really wants to rest even though he hasn't fought. They all jump to the next island and walk along until they reach Bulma's cave. It's not in the hole, so they decide to go into the cave and have a look.

They soon find a huge pod house in the back of the cave and Bulma comes out yelling at them for being careless out there and leaving the young girl alone. He then notices the "little kid with the piccolo" and asks if he's a Namekian. He asks why he's here and Kuririn says they should go inside first. And then Bulma remembers to tell them that she got great news from Goku - he'll be here in six days! He explains how he got to the ship and that he is receiving incredible training on the way here. Everyone is excited and dancing around as Goku continues his training on his ship.