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Vegeta throws his Dragon Ball into the lake next to the village so no one but him will know where to find it. Then he wonders what to do next. Freeza has five and is looking for the rest. Vegeta then flies off to think. Meanwhile, Freeza, Zarbon, and the only remaining follower are still waiting for Dodoria, thinking that she is still after the little guys. Freeza thinks Dodoria was an idiot and they should go find the remaining two Dragon Balls. Zarbon and the other henchman go to find the last two villages and Freeza returns to his ship with the five Dragon Balls they have so far. Zarbon and the henchman drop their dragon balls on the ground and then float up into the air. Zarbon tells the other henchman to look this way, but if he finds a village, warn him so the stronger Namekians don't kill him. Regardless, he'll be back on the ship in three hours. Then they both fly away.

Freeza thinks that Vegeta is probably already looking for himself and will definitely come for the Dragon Balls they already have. And when Vegeta comes, they'll just take the two he has and have all seven. Freeza telekinetically picks up five dragon balls from the ground and approaches with them in his pod. Back in the cave, Bulma asks Dende about this eldest, and Dende says that he was the person who gave birth to all the Namekians here. He was the only human to survive the unusual weather and then repopulate the planet. “I am the 108th oldest child. Bulma questions how he could give birth when he was the only one, and Dende says that he produces eggs from his mouth. Bulma says that this is really something else and thinks that this eldest must be a woman. Dende then asks what a "woman" is. Bulma asks if there aren't two types of Namekians, male and female, like his mother and father. Dende doesn't understand this "two types" thing at all. Bulma thinks it's a boring planet if there are no men or women on it.

Kuririn changes the subject and wants to know why they should go after the eldest (as Bulma says she's glad she's not a Namekian). “Oh! The people who attacked our village already have four Dragon Balls... And then, now you said that a lot of people are being killed in that direction, right?" Kuririn says yes, it was probably Vegeta, and Gohan says, that there's no one left, they've been wiped out. Dende says that means there's almost no one left on this planet now. Kuririn says that Vegeta must have the Dragon Ball from the village he attacked, which means there's only one left. Kuririn asks if the last Dragon Ball is holding the oldest and Dende says yes. Kuririn freaks out because even though Freeza's troops don't have scouts anymore, Vegeta can detect ki so he'll probably be there after the seventh Dragon Ball. Dende cries and says, that they have to hurry and Kuririn agrees because they can't let Freeza or Vegeta get eternal life. Kuririn says he will go and asks Gohan to stay with Bulma. It's dangerous when there are too many of them walking.

Kuririn asks Dende how long it would take them to walk there without Vegeta noticing. Dende says it's about thirty days of walking, and Kuririn says it's not good at all, so they'll have to fly. They will have to hide again if Vegeta notices them. So Dende and Kuririn fly off and tell Bulma and Gohan to be careful. Kuririn thinks about how strong Freeza and Vegeta are along the way and thinks they'll be hiding at the Eldest's Dragon Ball for five and a half days before Goku gets there. Speaking of who, Goku flies through space, flips and throws punches in his ship. He is exhausted but thinks he should switch to 30G now when Kaiō-sama contacts him. He asks Goku if he's in space, but he remembers that he's supposed to be on his way to Planet Namek and thinks it'll be good if he finds the Dragon Balls there. Goku can't believe that Kaiō-sama didn't know and says that bad things are happening on Planet Namek. Kaiō-sama says to tell him later, that he has good news first. He has guests here. There are four guests and they clear the Snake Path in much less time than Goku. Four people he knows well. They came here for rigorous training like Goku. Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, Piccolo and Yamcha!