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Zarbon can't believe he killed Dodoria and Vegeta says he will make him believe. Zarbon asks Vegeta why he defies Freeza, so he explains that he doesn't like taking orders from him and how he wants eternal life for himself. If he had eternal life, his chances of winning against Freeza would increase. Zarbon tells him that eternal life would not be enough to defeat Freeza. Vegeta says it's too bad Zarbon doesn't have a scout because his power has grown to unimaginable levels. Zarbon says that he doesn't know where Vegeta stands, but he does know that Freeza has far surpassed him. Vegeta says to stop it, talking is over. He tells Zarbon that Dodoria said that Freeza is afraid of Saiyans. So she shows him the Saiyan power he was afraid of.

Zarbon says that Freeza was afraid of those who conspired together, not just one. This causes Vegeta to smile, disappear and reappear next to Zarbon. Zarbon punches him, but Vegeta catches him with his fist and throws him further into the air. However, Zarbon catches on and fires a huge blast towards Vegeta. Vegeta waits for this and fires a blast to the side, causing a huge explosion in the distance. Kuririn and Dende aren't too far from the explosion, and Kuririn notices that two amazing ki (Vegeta and someone) are fighting. However, he knows that someone was with Freeza.

Kuririn is upset that he can't fight them and hopes that they will really defeat him. He grabs Dende and says hold on tight, then flies away. He says this is their chance, while Vegeta will be busy fighting, they rush to the eldest. Meanwhile, Vegeta punches Zarbon in the face, then Zarbon kicks him, but Vegeta dodges it. Vegeta does a mid-air backflip and kicks Zarbon into the distance, flying after him. Zarbon lands on the ground, but Vegeta is right behind him and kicks him on the ground. Zarbon gets up and tells Vegeta that he has gotten better. “But, it's your fault… You awakened my true power that has been dormant for a long time…”