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Kuririn is excited to be almost there as Vegeta follows him. He figured there must be an Earthling after the dragon balls, but soon he would have them too and he would have all seven. Zarbon, meanwhile, is frantically looking around for Vegeta, wishing he had a scout. Then he spots someone flying through the air. He's not Vegeta though, just the guy who saved that Namekian brat. But he has the Dragon Ball and then he notices Vegeta flying behind him. So Zarbon flies after them both. Vegeta notices that he is being chased by a huge battle force and realizes that Zarbon has found him. Rather than worry, Vegeta thinks this is a good chance to get rid of him. He was simply unprepared during their last battle, or so he claims.

Bulma is sitting outside the cave reading when Kuririn lands and startles her. She is amazed at how big the Namekian Dragon Balls are. Kuririn asks her if Gohan is in the house as he wants to bring him to the eldest as well. Bulma tells him that he went with the radar to another Dragon Ball in the village that Vegeta attacked. Kuririn then feels the ki heading in that direction, and Bulma's surprised Gohan came back so quickly. Kuririn says it's not Gohan as Vegeta lands. Kuririn can't believe it and Vegeta says he's surprised they even made it here. Vegeta says that they seem to have the same goal and then looks back at him. He says he has to do something before he takes the ball and if he tries to run the woman will die too and then Zarbon lands.

Bulma thinks that by the looks of this new person, he must be a friend of justice. Zarbon is angry and says that Freeza's faith in him has gone down because of Vegeta. He thinks the little guy over there with the Dragon Ball must be working with Vegeta and says he better tell him where the rest are or he'll half-kill him again. Vegeta tells him to try and Zarbon transforms again. Kuririn and Bulma freak out and Bulma is sure that he is a bad person after all. Zarbon flies towards Vegeta, but Vegeta drops to the ground to hide, grabs some dirt and then launches into the air before Zarbon can hit him. Zarbon flies after him and Vegeta drops dirt and it lands in Zarbon's eyes. Vegeta then flies down, right behind Zarbon, and punches him hard in the back.