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The blow shatters Zarbon's armor and sends him forward. Vegeta flies after him and knocks Zarbon into the water. Vegeta then repeatedly fires a flurry of shots down into the water at him, and Kuririn says it's a good time for them to run. Bulma reminds him that Vegeta said she would kill them, but Kuririn grabs her arm and starts to fly away, saying that they would have been killed if they hadn't run anyway. Vegeta spots them running and fires several shots at them, stopping their escape. Zarbon then flies out of the water causing Vegeta to turn around and fly back to land and so does Zarbon. Zarbon is pretty crushed and seriously pissed off at Vegeta, while Vegeta thinks his preemptive attack was effective. “Zarbon, it seems your death is near.

Zarbon refuses to believe this as he has a higher fighting power than Vegeta. So Vegeta decides to explain the Saiyan to him. “You shouldn't have carelessly given me medical treatment when I was on the verge of death…right? When a Saiyan recovers from death, his fighting power can increase rapidly…” Zarbon freaks out and Kuririn realizes that Goku is like that too, thinking about it. Zarbon says that even though his fighting power has increased, he can't win against him until he transforms, and then charges at Vegeta. "The Saiyans are a warrior race!!!! Don't be mad at me!!!!" Vegeta manages to parry all of Zarbon's punches before breaking through Zarbon's armor and punching him in the stomach, Zarbon tells him that he was only doing what Freeza ordered and asks him to please overlook it.

Vegeta doesn't care and Zarbon says they should team up and take out Freeza. With his hand inside Zarbon, Vegeta shoots and goes right through Zarbon's back. He then throws Zarbon into the water and says that he couldn't beat Freeza even if they teamed up. Vegeta turns his attention back to Kuririn, noting that Kuririn has gotten stronger since the battle on Earth, though he's still not at his level. Kuririn says he'll hand it over if Vegeta promises to leave them alone, and Vegeta agrees because once he has the Dragon Balls, there's no point playing with the little spawn. Vegeta now has the One-Star Ball and is very happy to have all seven, saying that he will be able to replace Freeza as the strongest in the universe. Then they fly off and Bulma is relieved while Kuririn hopes for Gohan.