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Bulma can't believe how Kuririn just handed over the Dragon Ball after all the trouble and says it's all over if Vegeta gets the last one. Kuririn says it was either that or be killed and they should be fine as Gohan went to find the other Dragon Ball. Hopefully he can keep it away from the bad guys. Bulma then realizes that Gohan is probably on his way back with the Dragon Ball right now, and Kuririn hopes that Vegeta doesn't find him. Speaking of which, Gohan is flying through the air with the four star ball and feels Vegeta heading his way. So Gohan swoops down to the island and hides behind a small rock with the Dragon Ball. Vegeta notices him before Gohan can hide his ki and starts yelling at whoever it is to show himself before blowing up the entire area. Gohan yells for him to wait, puts the Dragon Ball down and climbs to the top of the rock.

Vegeta didn't expect to see Kakarotto's son in a place like this. Gohan notices that Vegeta has a Dragon Ball and freaks out, while Vegeta says that it was a gift from his slippery-headed friend. Gohan assumes that Vegeta killed Kuririn, but Vegeta claims that he didn't, though he can always go back and do it if Gohan wishes. Vegeta tells Gohan to be thankful that he's in a good mood after getting all the Dragon Balls. Vegeta then lands on a rock in front of Gohan and asks what is in his hand. Gohan nervously says it's a clock and Vegeta laughs at how the Earthlings had the technology to get to the Namek but couldn't make a more compact clock. Vegeta asks if Kakarrot is here on Namek too and Gohan says no because they didn't know all the bad guys would be here. Vegeta says it's bad. “The three of us are the last three Saiyans. When you get back to Earth, I need you to say something to Kakarotto for me." Vegeta then knees Gohan in the stomach and flies off laughing. As he tries to get back to his feet, Gohan says that the kick hurt, but at least Dragon Ball is okay.

In the cave, Bulma tells Kuririn that she turned the house back into a capsule and asks if Gohan has returned yet. Since Vegeta knows where they are, they plan to change locations immediately. Gohan then flies in and everyone is excited that he has the Dragon Ball. Kuririn says that he will explain to Gohan what happened later, but Gohan says that he already knows everything and explains what happened between him and Vegeta. Kuririn says he was lucky Vegeta didn't find the Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Vegeta is swimming in a lake near the village he attacked, laughing about how the entire universe will be his. But then he doesn't see the Dragon Ball and finally realizes it's gone. He then realizes that the place where he ran into Gohan was exactly between this place and where the other earthlings were. He wonders how Gohan could have found the ball and then realizes that the object Gohan was carrying wasn't a clock after all.

Vegeta flies out of the water, angry to say the least. He eventually manages to get back into the cave, but Gohan and co. they have already left. He flies through the roof of the cave and checks the surroundings, but he can't sense their ki anywhere. He decides to take care of them when they come for his six Dragon Balls. The good guys are now on an island, in a small space between two large rock formations. Bulma is upset that there is no place to put the house, but Kuririn says it was the only way. Bulma asks him what he's supposed to do without a bathroom until Goku arrives, and Kuririn says not to worry about it because he's going to bring Gohan to Eldest right now. Gohan asks why, and Bulma can't believe they're leaving her alone in a place like this. Kuririn tells him to be patient as he thinks that if Gohan met Eldest, he might be strong enough to take on Vegeta.