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Vegeta can sense the two ki, Kakarrot's son and the small bald guy, but they weren't heading towards him. So he decides to go after them, but takes the One-Star Ball with him in case the woman who was with them uses the Dragon Ball tracking device to find his hideout. With that he zooms off. Meanwhile, Kuririn tells Gohan that it's only a short distance away and thinks about how Gohan will likely rival Vegeta when his dormant power manifests. Then when a tall mountain appears with the eldest's house on top, Kuririn suddenly senses a ki behind them... it's Vegeta! Kuririn tells Gohan to go after Eldest while he holds Vegeta back and Gohan reluctantly agrees. Vegeta then catches up to Kuririn and tells him to return the four-star ball he stole. Kuririn says nothing, and Vegeta says that if he's going to play dumb, he'll have to make him talk. He then notices that Kakarrot's son has gone over to that mountain and thinks that the Dragon Balls must be hidden there. Kuririn yells no, but Vegeta just flies past him and towards the mountain.

The eldest has his hand on Gohan's head and says that Gohan has tremendous hidden powers. Gohan asks him to please hurry and Nail notes that someone came here. Vegeta walks in front of the house and Nail comes out and tells him to leave. Gohan then gets his power and both Kuririn and Vegeta feel it. Vegeta thinks this new ki must be Kakarrot and yells at him to come out. But when Gohan came out, Vegeta freaked out and wondered what happened there to make her grow so big all of a sudden. The eldest then tells Dende to go tell everyone that great powers are approaching planet Namek. Dende comes out and tells them all that the eldest said someone was approaching the planet. Kuririn notices and wonders if it's Goku, but Gohan says there are more. Vegeta suddenly freaks out and says it's Ginyu's special unit. There are five of them, so there is no mistake.

Vegeta grabs Gohan and demands that he hand over the Dragon Balls, but Gohan says he can't do such a thing. Vegeta promises not to lay a hand on them once he's immortal, but Kuririn thinks it's a trick. Vegeta says listen to him. All five people on the way are much stronger than him and they bring in new scouts so Freeza can track them all down and kill them. Vegeta says the only way to go is to gain immortality and defeat Freeza and his men. Nail says that Vegeta is probably telling the truth because there are indeed five big, bad forces approaching. Kuririn questions why Gohan can't be the one to receive immortality, but Vegeta says he doesn't have the necessary skills or experience. Kuririn asks what happens to their wish to revive their friends, and Nail tells them that the Dragon Balls grant three wishes. Vegeta yells at them that there is no time to waste, so they all fly away. The eldest tells Nail that he should go too and tells him not to worry about him. Meanwhile, five space pods approach the planet Namek…