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The five ships land right in front of Freeza's spaceship and he is glad they have arrived. Vegeta, Kuririn and Gohan then arrive at Bulma's hiding place. They burst in, take the four-star ball, and fly away again. Bulma wonders what just happened and why they were with Vegeta. Meanwhile, Freeza is back on the roof of his ship, inside his hovercraft. Five members of the Ginyu special unit emerged from their ships and flew to the top of Freeza's ship. They each strike a pose and introduce themselves: Recoom (a tall, human-looking man); Butta (tall blue man); Jheese (a medium-sized, long-haired handsome boy); Gurd (a short, fat and ugly four-eyed alien); Ginyu (a medium-sized purple alien with horns on his head). "Together we are... the Ginyu Special Unit!!!!" Freeza is not amused by their posing. Ginyu then asks Freeza to tell him their mission.

Freeza explains that Vegeta took the Dragon Balls he collected, so he wants them to go find Vegeta, beat him up a bit, and bring him here to tell them where he's hiding the balls. Ginyu says that it's not a problem and that their scouts have already found him. It seems to be moving at a high speed not far away, and it has two people with it who have relatively high battle powers. Freeza says that it must be the two people from earlier and tells Ginya to kill them. Jheese then gives Freeza a crate of explorers as he requested. Ginyu says they will go now and he and the others fly off. As they do so, Vegeta notices that they have started to move. Meanwhile in space, Goku's ship is scheduled to land on Namek in twenty minutes. He wakes up and puts on a new dōgi (this one has its own kanji "go" on the front, the same "go" used to write Goku.) Now dressed, he only has ten minutes left and tells everyone to stay alive until then. Vegeta, Gohan, and Kuririn arrive at where Vegeta's dragon balls are, but Ginyu's special unit lands right in front of them. "Yeah, Vegeta-chan," Ginyu says. He asks if the things he's holding are dragon balls, while Recoom notes that there are five more behind them.