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Ginyu says that with the five behind them and the two they are holding, it must be all seven dragon balls. Vegeta says he won't hand them over, so Ginyu says he'll have to take them by force. Kuririn thinks that Vegeta was right about how incredible these people are. But then he looks at Gurd and thinks he's not really that great and wonders what he's doing to them.

Vegeta says that even though their scouts can find humans, they can't use them to find the dragon balls and then throws the single star ball into the distance. Butta flies away in a split second, catches him and brings him back. Vegeta can't believe it and Ginyu explains that Butta is the fastest in the universe. Ginyu says there's one more left and Vegeta turns to Kuririn and yells at him to break it. Kuririn raises his fist in the air to break the Four Star Ball and is about to shoot it down, but then... Gurd does something and suddenly the Four Star Ball is gone from Kuririn's hand. Now in Gurd's hands, Gohan and Kuririn wonder what just happened. Vegeta says that the rumors about Gurd must be true, that he can control and stop time. Ginyu says that now that there are seven of them, it's their turn. Kuririn asks if they'll have to fight now, and Vegeta says that Kuririn probably knows there's no point in running. Ginyu says he'll marry Vegeta, and the others should do rock-paper-scissors to decide on the other two. The others protest so Ginyu says he will take the Dragon Balls back to Freeza and the best of the Rock-Paper-Scissors will fight Vegeta and the second best will take the other two.

So they start playing Rock-Paper-Scissors and Gohan wonders if they can run away right now. Recoom wins so he gets Vegeta and Gurd is second so he has Kuririn and Gohan. Ginyu telekinetically takes all seven dragon balls into the air and flies off to give them to Freeze. Gohan is about to try to stop him, but Vegeta yells at him to stop because it's just wasting his energy. Vegeta tells Kuririn to come here. He tells him and Gohan that the Gurd they will be fighting has low combat power, even though he can use Chōnōryoku (supernatural powers). He then asks Kuririn if Kakarrot has also come to this planet and Kuririn says no, but he is on his way and should arrive soon. Vegeta wants him to hurry because they could really use another ally. Gohan doesn't like how things turned out at all and then Recoom says they should start playing now.

Recoom tells Gurd he should get rid of the two little guys first, and Vegeta says they're acting like it's a game, as usual. Kuririn tells Gohan to remember their spaceship imagery training as Gurd tells them this is the end. Kuririn yells at Gohan to release his ki and the two begin to power up. They then each fly into the air in opposite directions and fire ki hits Gurd.