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Gurd yells "STOP", freezing time and dodging two blasts. He prepares to use his Chōnōryoku on them, but when he looks up into the air, they are quite far away. Then time clears, two blasts hit the ground and Gohan and Kuririn start moving again and notice that Gurd has moved. He heads towards it and then disappears, causing Gurd to yell "STOP" again. They both stop in mid-air to dive towards him from opposite sides, Gurd thinking that attacking them when time stops will use up too much energy. So Gurd runs to hide behind a rock, thinking the brats won't find him there. He then unfreezes time and Kuririn and Gohan know where he is anyway. Gurd freaks out and says he can't stop time anymore as he flies towards him.

He suddenly stops mid-air and Gurd says that he is using a Kanashibari no Jutsu (paralysis technique). They wonder how they knew its location without using scouts, and then wonder that they taste good. Meanwhile, the other three members of the Ginyu special unit moved to another location and Jheese says that it was unexpected because these little guys have a battle strength of over 10,000. Butta says that they are of an unusual race if they can change their battle strength without transforming, and Recoom says that Vegeta has good friends. Vegeta thinks they were foolish to attack from the front after he told them to watch out for Gurdo's Chōnōryoku. Gurd telekinetically plucks a small tree from the ground and then cuts off the top. He decides to impale Kuririn with it first and then use another type of Chōnōryoku to play with Gohan. He throws a tree towards Kuririn, but…

Vegeta suddenly cuts off Gurd's head, which frees Gohan and Kuririn from Chōnōryoku and quickly flies out of the way of the tree. Gurd's head tells Vegeta that it was dirty because it was supposed to be just a game. Vegeta replies that there is nothing dirty about war, and Gurd comments that Saiyans are vulgar monkey bastards. Vegeta finally gets fed up with his talking and blasts his head off. Kuririn and Gohan thank Vegeta, but he says he wasn't saving them, it was just the perfect chance to defeat Gurd. Vegeta says this is the end of their happiness. Jheese and Butta can't believe that Gurd has been killed and Recoom says that their special battle position won't be pretty anymore. Now they will have to come up with a new pose for just the four members. Jheese and Butta then do rock-paper-scissors to decide who will take on the two little guys now, as Vegeta says, it's going to be hell.