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Vegeta is sent flying backwards, but he catches and bounces off the ground, then flies towards Recoom with a punch, but Recoom blocks it. Vegeta hits him with a bunch more, but Recoom blocks them all. "Good!! Very good!! You're doing better than I thought Vegeta-chan!!" Recoom then hits Vegeta in the head, knocking him to the ground. Recoom comes down to hit him again but Vegeta jumps back. Recoom flies behind him, so Vegeta ducks in his direction and throws a shot down at Recoom. Recoom yells "Hurry up!!!!" to avoid him, then ends up in the air right behind Vegeta and kicks him into the water. The weed swims underwater for a moment before jumping out of the water and hitting Recoom in the stomach. The wind is knocked out of Recoom for a moment, but then Recoom grabs Vegeta around the waist, pulls him over his head, and dives straight down, slamming Vegeta headfirst into the ground.

Recoom pulls Vegeta out, holding his leg and asking if he's really exhausted yet. Vegeta suddenly reaches out and punches Recomo right in the face, knocking him backwards. Vegeta slowly stands up, Recoom also jumps. Recoom looks broken but not worn at all. However, the weed is looking really bad and out of breath. Vegeta is upset about the situation and thinks that he is being treated like a child and will soon die. Kuririn says that if Vegeta is killed, it's their turn. Doubting that they could win even with Goku, he tells Gohan that they should rush to help. Meanwhile, there are two minutes left before Goku arrives at Planet Namek…