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Recoom says that this is the end and Kuririn tells Gohan that they will go now since Vegeta no longer has the strength to dodge the quick attack. “Recoom Eraser Gun!!!!” Recoom fires a huge blast from his mouth towards Vegeta and just then Gohan and Kuririn take off. Vegeta makes a weak attempt to dodge it and then Kuririn lands knee first on Recooma's head, shutting his mouth and interrupting the rest of the blast. Meanwhile, Gohan grabs Vegeta and moves him out of the way of the blast. The blast collides with the island and a huge explosion occurs. Vegeta tells Gohan to hurry up and go, saying that they were stupid to help him instead of attacking. Kuririn notices that the land there is gone and the shape of the planet has changed due to the attack. Recoom gets up, smoke coming out of his mouth, and says that thanks to Kuririn, his teeth are gone and he's also confused. He calls out to Jhees and Butta and asks if he can kill these two little guys too. They say fine if he gives them a chocolate parfait instead.

Recoom is happy to hear this and then kicks Kuririn hard sending him flying. Gohan flies over to him and can't believe all his bones are broken. Kuririn says that he's too strong, even with the power he got from the Elder, and thinks it's over. Recooma's disappointed Kuririn can't play anymore and Gohan realizes it's up to him. Meanwhile, Nail heads their way, hoping the earthlings will forgive him for coming so late, as his duty was to protect the eldest. Gohan takes a hit but lands on his feet and fires what appears to be a Masenkō at Recoom. But Recoom kicks it back out of Gohan's way and Gohan barely manages to jump out of the way. Recoom then comes from behind and punches Gohan in the neck. Elsewhere, Freeza praises Ginyu's speed in obtaining all seven Dragon Balls, thinking that now he can finally obtain eternal life. Ginyu thinks they should have a victory dance, but Freeza says maybe another time. Freeza stands over the Dragon Balls and prepares to start as Gohan coughs up blood and says, "F-father…"