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Recoom, Jheese, Butta, Vegeta and Kuririn all look at the spaceship and Recoom wonders where it came from. Kuririn says that Goku is finally here! The ship doors open and Goku says he has to hurry and find Kuririn, Gohan and Bulma. He notices one person "over there", another "over here", and finally someone with ridiculously large ki thundering "over there". He then senses that Gohan and Kuririn are on the verge of death and are close to three huge ki. He says he will show the results of his 100G training and flies off. He zooms right past Jhees and Butta and lands next to Gohan. He waves at Kuririn and then makes Gohan eat senzu. Recoom asks who he is, but Goku simply ignores him. Jheese wonders if the guy isn't faster than Butta, but Butta says his fighting power is garbage. Gohan wakes up, scaring Recooma and everyone else. As Goku heads to Kuririn, he notices that Vegeta is also quite damaged.

Kuririn says he's happy, but he's not happy again when he eats his senzu. Goku asks why, and Kuririn says that he doesn't think even Goku can beat them, as even Vegeta is no match. Thinking that Vegeta is on their side, Goku starts to explain that they used to be, but Goku tells him to stop talking and let him search his mind. Goku places his hand on Kuririn's head and Kuririn insists that he doesn't have a fever or anything. Then Goku knows all about their power ups, about Bulma's safe, that the Dragon Balls were stolen, and about Freeze and Vegeta and everyone. Goku also knows that Vegeta saved their lives, and Kuririn is surprised that Goku suddenly has such an ability. Goku says that there is only one senzu left and then throws it to Vegeta and tells him to eat it. Kuririn thinks it was stupid, but Goku says he wanted to make things right with Vegeta. Then he says he'll take care of the other guys himself. Recoom thinks that sounds interesting and asks the others what his battle strength is. Said to only be around 5000. Vegeta wonders what's up with Kakarrot and then suddenly wonders if Kakarrot is…