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Ginyu elbows Goku in the face and sends him flying, but Goku lands on his feet. Ginyu appears behind him and swings at Goku, but Goku ducks and then kicks back at Ginyu. The two trade blows and then break. Goku is mad at Vegeta. Speaking of which, Vegeta tells himself that Kakarrot and Ginyu are about the same strength and hopes they finish each other off. Meanwhile, he gets the two dwarves to tell him the wish password, then gains immortality and fights Freeza. Ginyu tells Goku that he is actually also the type who can freely change his fighting power. Jheese thinks that even if the guy has 60,000, Captain Ginyu still has much more fighting power.

Ginyu charges and launches a huge blast, but Goku jumps into the air and out of the way. Goku went down behind Ginyu and tried to kick him in the back of the head, but Ginyu ducked. Ginyu swings at Goku but Goku disappears and reappears at Ginyu and Ginyu blocks the kick. The two then exchange several blows until Ginyu is sent flying into the air. Goku does the same, much faster and much faster, and Ginyu can't believe his speed. Goku then gets a blast that he barely dodges and Ginyu comes from behind and locks Goku in a Full Nelson. It was Jheese who fired and Jheese screams and tells Ginyu to break his bones. Goku thinks he has no choice but to use the Kaiō-Ken, but then Ginyu releases him. He yells at Jhees for not asking for help and says he wants to do it himself. He says he's noticed Goku not using his true power and guesses he's saving it for Freeza. Goku says he will show him his true power and tells him to look at his little force detection device. Then Goku starts powering up with the Kaiō-Ken and Ginyu goes crazy as his battle power reaches 90,000, then 100,000, 110,000 and keeps growing.